Amanda - 24 - Canada

Fandom jumping, cosplaying, and picture taking. Music, casual art, and pretty much anything that holds my attention.

I'm pretty friendly so feel free to toss me an ask and say hi.

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Boughy spiderman today too! Can’t wait to peel off those cracking stickers.
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I have made fire! #fire #campfire #bonfire
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Some little spiders that ran off after we started getting ready for our fire. #spider #bugs #bugs #arachnid #insect
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Made some friends at the beach/pool today! #dragonfly #bug #bugs #insect #nature #selkirk
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Jesus Christ, Ryan.
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Important! Re: Winnipegstucks With Allergies


Hey folks!
We’re getting everything in order for our Halloween event and we just need some updated information!

If you have any food allergies, please let us know the following:
-The food(s) you are allergic to.
-The severity of your allergy.
We’d also like to know if you have any food restrictions. (ie: vegetarian/vegan, etc)

We want out events to be fun and safe for everyone! 
We’ll try our best to make accommodations for everyone!

Thank you!