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Fandom jumping, cosplaying, and picture taking. Music, casual art, and pretty much anything that holds my attention.

I'm pretty friendly so feel free to toss me an ask and say hi.

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A bag I’d like to get rid of. Will take offers. Can’t remember what I bought it for. If you need shipping I can get you a quote. #nana #blackstones #anime #manga
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Some manga and a movie I wanna get rid of. Some are better condition than others. $5 each. If you need them shipped I can get you a quote. #manga #lovemastera #crestofthestars #deathnote #fruitsbasket #fullmetalalchemist #fma #leapyear #books #movies #dvd
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Finally tried on my new gamzee wig. It’s so tight omg. I can’t even wear the adjustors hooked in wow. In other  news it would definitely work for a mamoru wig lol.
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#Frosting failures.  The first was too runny. Bleh. #cupcakes not impressed with that recipe
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Not my best #cupcakes the frosting is a complete disappointment for me. Too thick, kept separating, and doesn’t taste like mocha at all. Just dark chocolate. I won’t use that recipe again.
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The nice thing about being the baker is that you get to eat the messy ones. #baking #cupcakes #cupcake
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#Baking again. #cupcakes #cupcake
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And I only needed to use one match lol.
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Reblog if you’ve ever yelled at a book.









Are there people who don’t reblog this?

I can only assume that the ones who haven’t aren’t reading the right books.


If it doesn’t make you mad, it’s not good enough.


Wait…. are we not supposed to yell at books?

Do comic books count? Cause I’ve yelled at a LOT of comic books.

What are books? O_o